my Coda 2 setup

I started to use Coda 2 as work environment on my new (company issued) MacBook Pro (thanks again for that ūüėČ ). I found some helpful plugins for Web Design Work.

We do a lot of [[WordPress]] and [[Codeigniter]]¬† work and there a 2 modes that teach Coda built in WordPress and Codeigniter Functions. Upside: Coda now knows all built in functions for WordPress and Codeingiter. Downside : Coda doesn’t learn new functions from installed Plugins we use a lot (or I just missed this function so far).

I just recently found some neat plugins for Coda making it easier to use Zen Coding , excuse me : Emmet and less. The Less Plugin is a bit tricky to install since it depends on some other libraries but your can figure it out easily with google.

Coda2 by itself is a very helpful Editor with SVN, Git, FTP and syntax highlighting. I like project management in my editors so this feature is very helpful too.

For now I’m very happy with Coda and don’t regret the small investment you have to make to get started.


Updating Content Management Systems

Yesterday i made an Backup and Update Day.
I’m using 2 different Content Management Systems (CMS) for my Webprojects, [[Wordpress]] and [[Joomla]]. And the Way to Update them is very different.

WordPress made an awesome Development in the last Years, it is really easy to use and to Maintain. It can update itself (and the Plugins and Themes) with a Click on a Button. That is very impressive for a CMS.

To Update Joomla on the other Hand, you need to use a FTP Programm to upload the new Files to the Webspace. That gives the Admin more Control but it is also more Work.

Two Different Approaches to Updating. I would say that the WordPress Solution is more practical and way easier to use. Find the Time to Download the new Joomla Files and upload them to your Webspace isn’t always easy and so it is more likely to miss Updates.


Happy New Year (and a Countdown Script)

First of all :




I wrote a PHP Countdown Script for my Computer to run during our Party.

The Script is really simple. It is a Simple Website that reloads itself every second and it changes the CSS Style depending on how much Time is left. I thought it is useful and it can be easily adjusted to different Dates and Styles.

Here are some Screenshots:


and here is an Archive with the Script.


Google Services

In the last Couple of Days i tried out some [[Google]] Services, besides my Standard E Mail Service GMail.

And i have to say. Google is doing their Homework with their Stuff. I switched from [[Firefox]] to [[Chrome]]. It feels faster for me and just more comfortable. I don’t even miss my Firefox Extensions.

Today i read the [[Wired]] Article about Google Voice as an [[Iphone]] App. I never tried Google Voice until today but i’m really impressed. In 5 Minutes i configured the Account with my own Telephone Number and Forwarding for Calls to my Home Phone. ¬†Easy as Pie.

I love Things that Just work and Google is doing some Services that just work.

Yes there are those Concerns that Google gets to much Information about Me. I’m aware of the Trade Information for Services but for now i have an Advantage without seeing a Disadvantage for me. ¬†That may Change but for now it just works.

BTW: there Should be a Widget in the Contact Section to Call/Text me.



Lange Zeit keine neue Software hier vorgestellt.

Heute geht es um Prey, eine kleine aber richtig gute Software die ihr hoffentlich nie braucht.

Wenn Prey installiert ist läuft es komplett unbemerkt auf dem (tragbaren) Computer. Wird dieses Gerät gestohlen kann man sich auf der Prey Webseite einloggen und eine Verfolgung aktivieren. Die Software sendet nun in einem gegeben Intervall, einen Report an eine E Mail Adresse. Die Reporte können IP Adresse, Netzwerkverbindung,  [[Geolocation]] und via Webcam, auch Bilder (desjenigen der vor dem Laptop sitzt) enthalten. So kann man sein Eigentum verfolgen und hoffentlich wiederholen.

Prey läuft auf den gängigsten 3 Betriebssystemen (Linux, Mac und Windows) und die Installation bzw Einrichtung ist extrem einfach.

Ein definitives Must Have Programm.



Jeder der meine Qualit√§ten im schriftlichen Umgang mit der deutschen Sprach kennt wird sich vielleicht ein wenig wundern ob der √úberschrift. ūüėČ

Ich √ľbersetze aber etwas wo ich mich ein wenig besser auskenne, ich √ľbersetze Software. Bei [[Opensource]] Projekten kann eigentlich jeder mitmachen.
Das Projekt an dem ich mitarbeite hei√üt Ground Control. Kurz zusammengefasst soll Ground Control es erm√∂glichen einfacher Dateien der Projekte zwischen seinem PC und [[Launchpad]] auszutauschen. Bis dato muss man noch stark die Kommandozeile bem√ľhen. Ground Control integriert sich einfach in den Datei Manager und erledigt die Aufgaben sehr bequem dort.