Visit to Rockland

A friend had a Reggae Show in Rockland Harbor, it was a pretty nice day and i made a lot of neat pictures from Rockland, Maine, here are a couple. I made it all the way out to [[Rockland Harbor Breakwater Light]] (4300 ft or 1300 m), quite a walk.


Fall in Maine

I Love the Fall in Maine.
The Weather is absolutely gorgeous, and the Trees are just amazing.

Here are some Pictures i made today. No place special just the Way to my wife’s Work and Back Cove.

You can click on it and it will open the hole Album.

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Wedding Weekend (Update)

Long Time no Writing here. But I have a good excuse: preparing your own wedding is very very stressful. But all the Stress and Hussling finished in an awesome Wedding.

The Beach, the Weather, the People, the Party. Everything was great.


I uploaded some Pictures i took (or somebody with our Camera). David, our Wedding Photographer made those 937 Pictures. Feel free to Browse 😉


Mein kleiner Bonsai

Ich muss die Welt mal an meinem grĂŒnen Daumen teilhaben lassen. Ich hatte bis jetzt schon ein paar Bonsai’s, habe es aber immer wieder geschafft sie ins grĂŒne Nirwana zu befördern. Dieser kleine tapfere Kerl hier lebt aber schon mindestens zwei Monate mit mir, was sehr rekordverdĂ€chtig ist.