Code Ninja

I didn’t quite make it to the Ninja Level, yet ūüėČ

But I’m working on it. Learning to code, improve your coding skills, look into new Programming Languages or even just to understand how code works isn’t easy.

The Good News: there is an easy way to start the Codeacademy.

I started last year and made a huge break when I worked full time as Web Developer and CIR but now I’m getting back into it. I should have made a couple of Minutes each day even when I had a job. The Lessons are short and easy to save and pick up another time.

No more excuses, not to learn to code or look into other programming languages. Codeacademy is here

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Thanks to Calvin Gilbert i got an invitation to Googles newest attempt to create a Social Network. After Google Wave and Google Buzz, i think Google+ is a big thing.

The only downside right now is the Limitation of User registration but that should be no problem once Google decides that Google+ is ready for the World. For now only Geeks are on Google+ ūüėČ

Everything else looks very good, very well integrated with other Google Services and beautifull animated. With the limited users it feels a bit like [[Facebook]] for adults. No game and not so many Spam messages, just Status Updates that are actually worth reading.

Of Course when Google starts a Social Network you have consider that Google knows a lot, all your Search History, Mails, Pictures and other Things depending which Google Services you use. But at the End, you decide what you publish and what People know about you. You are the Designer of your Online Profil.

The smart Approach that you have different Friend Circles and you can decide what you post to which group and to make this Feature easy accassable is a huge plus ( small Joke ūüėČ )

Bottomline: Google+ had a good Start, we will see how it develops. I think for the next years Facebook is safe just because virtually everybody has a Facebook Account but the Example [[Myspace]] shows us that people can move from one to another Social Network really Quick. The Future of Google+ will be interesting.


Bookreview : Daniel Domscheit-Berg “Inside Wikileaks”

I just finished the book “Inside Wikileaks” from [[Daniel Domscheit-Berg]]. And i must say i liked the book very much. It gives a good inside view of [[Wikileaks]]. The author was the spokesman from Wikileaks for a couple of years. He and the Wikileaks Founder [[Julian Assange]] had some differences and Domscheit-Berg left Wikileaks at the End of 2010 and he started his own Whistleblower Platform [[Openleaks]].

Domscheit-Berg describes it very good how it feels to work for an organization that became so famous as Wikileaks. How it is to mess with big organizations like Banks and Governments. You can almost feel the thrill he had publishing secret informations about a bank in Switzerland or about the war in Afghanistan. The author was part of Wikileaks since the early days, he did a lot of work together with the Wikileaks founder Assange. He describes how Wikileaks became famous and how differences with Assange became fights which led to his suspension and his leaving of Wikileaks at the end of 2010.
From his point of view he gives a good impression of Julian Assange, the famous face of Wikileaks. They lived together for some months and spend more time together at conferences or in Iceland.

Bottom line: A must read for anybody interested in the topic of Wikileaks or actual developments around the Whistleblower Platform.


Updating Content Management Systems

Yesterday i made an Backup and Update Day.
I’m using 2 different Content Management Systems (CMS) for my Webprojects, [[Wordpress]] and [[Joomla]]. And the Way to Update them is very different.

WordPress made an awesome Development in the last Years, it is really easy to use and to Maintain. It can update itself (and the Plugins and Themes) with a Click on a Button. That is very impressive for a CMS.

To Update Joomla on the other Hand, you need to use a FTP Programm to upload the new Files to the Webspace. That gives the Admin more Control but it is also more Work.

Two Different Approaches to Updating. I would say that the WordPress Solution is more practical and way easier to use. Find the Time to Download the new Joomla Files and upload them to your Webspace isn’t always easy and so it is more likely to miss Updates.

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Wikileaks and the Test for the Internet

[[Wikileaks]] is all over the News these Days. The Internet Platform is publishing Documents from the US State Department, only a Minority of these Documents is classified as secret, as far as i know.  The Documents contain Notes over Politicians other Countries, that the US State Department collected over the last years. The Documents are not stolen from  Wikileaks, Wikileaks is just the Platform who is publishing those Documents.
As a Reaction to the Publishing of those Documents, Wikileaks faces massive Attacks: [[DDOS]] Attacks, Closing their Servers in the US and France, closing Wikileaks Paypal Account.

Now we are seeing the Stress Test if the Internet as a Infrastructure is so free as we hope and Hackers (in the non criminal Meaning) want to believe. People are setting up Mirror Websites to support Wikileaks while it is under Attack. If this will be successful, the Content from Wikileaks will survive the Attacks and will still be available, even when Governments close the Wikileaks Website in their Country.

The [[Twitter]] Search for #imwikileaks is showing a huge Support via Twitter, but posting 140 Signs is easy, to keeping the Content public and available is way more difficult.

The Question is : Can Wikileaks stay available and open to prove that the Internet is as free as we hope or will the Internet become a more controlled Place. I hope the Internet will stay open, free and crazy as it is but i fear that Governments all over the World will use Wikileaks as a Reason to install more Control, more Restrictions for their Citizens using the Internet.

In 2 Weeks something else  will be in the News but Wikileaks will still be haunted. We will se what will happen


The, as always awesome, [[Wired Magazine]] has a good Article why Wikileaks is helping the US and not harming the US.


The German [[Chaos Computer Club]] has published a Statement (in german) about Freedom of Information, Wikileaks and the Western Governments . Good Reading (if you can read German)