My Drone

I have an awesome Wife, and that has some perks. For our anniversary (which btw I didn’t forget) she got me drone.
A quad-copter to be precise.



$50 from Amazon gives you a lot of flying fun and an almost usable camera on your drone. Amazing what you get fro $50.


Blast from the Past

While video chatting with my Mother in Germany, I checked a Event website for a regional event in June 2015, kind of a state fair that travels to a different own each year. This website is NOT responsive. It is 2015 and somebody still builds not responsive websites. Amazing.

I’m completely blown away by this.

Here the link (it’s in german btw 😉 )


Not helpfull Tech Support

If you explain to me that the http process on my Cent OS server is responsible for serving websites, you are NOT helpful.

Andreas, so far I am seeing your server does have a good CPU load average which is below 1. Your Resources seem to be processing quite quickly as well. Your memory does appear to be fluctuating but it appears to be from the incoming request which appear to be ‘httpd’ request which are made to Apache on your server. These are usually incoming connections to your websites.


Snowmargaddon 2015

Since, according to media we have a historic Blizzard going on, I went outside to check it out. Spoiler : It is just snow and wind. Cool your jets, media. I’m not sure why and where this hysteria about a snow storm in January comes from. It is not unheard of.

Relax, stay home, make a cup of hot coco and wait it out.