My grandfather used to have a bunch of gladiolus in his garden when I grew up. I spend a lot of Summer’s at my grandparents and gardening was always a big thing to get more vegetables on the table. My grandfather had kind of a green thumb and I can’t recall a year when he hadn’t had potatoes, strawberries, apples, raspberries and other things going on in his garden. 

That’s the reason I plant gladiolus in front of my house. And now they are starting to bloom. 


The suspected Hacker

I have a co-worker who lvoes to print out articels for everyone in the offfice. He is a very smart guy (no cell phone & NY Times subscription kind of smart).

I found an article about the Blackhat conference on my desk this morning. This fuels my suspiscion that my co worker suspect me to be some kind of oddball hacker computer whiz. (Which I am NOT (or maybe)).

So lets fire up the command line, start gulp (to convert sass -> css and reload my browser) and deploy with git via commandline. Those status messages seem to work like dark hacker magic to some people.



WordPress on my Mac

In a further invasion of my privacy, that WordPress thing is now not only on my Phone, it is on my desktop as well. Works super easy and as expected right now. You clearly se the infleunec of the wordpress.com Admin interface

Small enhancment idea, if we could add multiple accounts (Client Blog & personal blog). That would be super cool.


Gulp and Browser sync

Since quite some time I’m playing around with Gulp as a Task Manager but I had a hard time getting it running in my environment, mostly because I screwed up the node.js installation on my Macbook.

I completely removed it and started over, after that I used this walkthrough to get browsersync and sass running with gulp. We don’t use the _s theme from WordPress since we have our own starter theme but it works with any sass -> css setup.

The most important puzzle piece is the gulpfile provided in the walkthrough, you only have to tweak it to your local path settings and done.

So whenever I install this in a theme folder I’m working on the following happens:

If I save a php file, the browser window reloads and shows the change. If I save a sass file it compiles it to css and injects it in the page, no reload needed.

Super sweet set up. To top it all of, it creates an URL accessible from external devices, phone or tablet and all changes are injected there the same way.

That will speed up Web Dev quite a bit and eliminates the need to reload every time you save something.