Blast from the Past

While video chatting with my Mother in Germany, I checked a Event website for a regional event in June 2015, kind of a state fair that travels to a different own each year. This website is NOT responsive. It is 2015 and somebody still builds not responsive websites. Amazing.

I’m completely blown away by this.

Here the link (it’s in german btw 😉 )


Not helpfull Tech Support

If you explain to me that the http process on my Cent OS server is responsible for serving websites, you are NOT helpful.

Andreas, so far I am seeing your server does have a good CPU load average which is below 1. Your Resources seem to be processing quite quickly as well. Your memory does appear to be fluctuating but it appears to be from the incoming request which appear to be ‘httpd’ request which are made to Apache on your server. These are usually incoming connections to your websites.


2014 in review

My 2014 was pretty awesome.

I’m writing this after I got a company paid massage on the last workday before christmas, jealous yet ?

I worked all year with a great team of people at VONT Performance Marketing. We built, maintained, upgraded, edited and incredible amount of websites for a variety of clients and purposes.

My Family and I went on a very cool trip to the small caribbean island of Aruba. My parents came from Germany and we meet there for a week. Our own House, Pool and sun all the time. It was pretty incredible.

We signed an incredible amount of papers one day and now have a 30 year commitment to a bank I never heard of before, meaning we bought a house in the lovely city of Portland, Maine.

Those are the 3 huge highlights of my year, other than that I went fishing, skiing, sailing, hiking and all around a very cool year all thanks to my awesome wife and family.

2015 doesn’t really have to top that. Just something similar and I’m a happy camper.


Embed youtube videos, the easy way!

I just found a neat piece of code I want to share.

If you want to let your client embed youtube videos and don’t want to make it to complicated for them make them a Backend textfield where they past the Video URL.

With this call $video = json_decode(file_get_contents(sprintf(‘http://www.youtube.com/oembed?url=%s&format=json’, urlencode($url)))), you get an object congaing most info you will need about the Video.

$video->html gives you the embed code, $video->title, you guessed it,  the title.


my Coda 2 setup

I started to use Coda 2 as work environment on my new (company issued) MacBook Pro (thanks again for that 😉 ). I found some helpful plugins for Web Design Work.

We do a lot of [[WordPress]] and [[Codeigniter]]  work and there a 2 modes that teach Coda built in WordPress and Codeigniter Functions. Upside: Coda now knows all built in functions for WordPress and Codeingiter. Downside : Coda doesn’t learn new functions from installed Plugins we use a lot (or I just missed this function so far).

I just recently found some neat plugins for Coda making it easier to use Zen Coding , excuse me : Emmet and less. The Less Plugin is a bit tricky to install since it depends on some other libraries but your can figure it out easily with google.

Coda2 by itself is a very helpful Editor with SVN, Git, FTP and syntax highlighting. I like project management in my editors so this feature is very helpful too.

For now I’m very happy with Coda and don’t regret the small investment you have to make to get started.