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Soccer in Maine

Is a bit confusing to me.

I grew up in Germany with a developed soccer club system. From kids to adult you play for a ( or many depending on your loyalty ) club where you have your practice and soccer games against other clubs more or less regional depending on skill level. Schools are rarely involved at all.

Now that I’m settled here in Maine. I picked up being a soccer referee. I took a course and started refereeing Middle and Highschool games. Those are fall season with roughly 2 months of games every day (at least for referees) .

Then I took another course to referee club soccer games, which are organized by local soccer clubs more similar to the german system with a spring and fall season. I accidentally also came to be the referee assignor for my local club instead of just a referee.

It is all still a it confusing to me why there are so many different organizations in competition of soccer talent. But that’s the way it is. And I’ll try to make my way up the referee ladder 😉


My Last name in Googles Books

Did you know that you can search Google Books for any word and can plot a chart how this word is used over time?


Here is my last name. Some old stuff in there.



My grandfather used to have a bunch of gladiolus in his garden when I grew up. I spend a lot of Summer’s at my grandparents and gardening was always a big thing to get more vegetables on the table. My grandfather had kind of a green thumb and I can’t recall a year when he hadn’t had potatoes, strawberries, apples, raspberries and other things going on in his garden. 

That’s the reason I plant gladiolus in front of my house. And now they are starting to bloom. 


WordPress on my Mac

In a further invasion of my privacy, that WordPress thing is now not only on my Phone, it is on my desktop as well. Works super easy and as expected right now. You clearly se the infleunec of the Admin interface

Small enhancment idea, if we could add multiple accounts (Client Blog & personal blog). That would be super cool.