Hello, I’m a Web Developer from the lovely City of Portland, Maine. I build Websites (mostly WordPress) for a nice marketing agency. I play golf and sail in my free time.

Here are some details

Citizenship: German
Date of Birth : February, 16 1981
Town of Birth : Pößneck
Family Status: Married (since August 2010)


1987 – 1991
Elementary School Pößneck Ost

1991 – 1999
Gymnasium (Secondary School) „ Am weißen Turm „ Pößneck

1999 – 2001
Bundeswehr (Basic Military Service)

Internship (z.B.: Firma Hauptmaier & Partner)

2001 – 2004
University of Applied Sciences Jena
Studying Electrical Engineering

2004 – 2009
Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Studying Computer Science

That happened too:

move to Portland, Maine and I got married!

Language Experience

German (native Language), English

Programming Languages
HTML/CSS, Javascript, PHP, C++, Java, Ada, Python

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