my Coda 2 setup

I started to use Coda 2 as work environment on my new (company issued) MacBook Pro (thanks again for that 😉 ). I found some helpful plugins for Web Design Work.

We do a lot of [[WordPress]] and [[Codeigniter]]  work and there a 2 modes that teach Coda built in WordPress and Codeigniter Functions. Upside: Coda now knows all built in functions for WordPress and Codeingiter. Downside : Coda doesn’t learn new functions from installed Plugins we use a lot (or I just missed this function so far).

I just recently found some neat plugins for Coda making it easier to use Zen Coding , excuse me : Emmet and less. The Less Plugin is a bit tricky to install since it depends on some other libraries but your can figure it out easily with google.

Coda2 by itself is a very helpful Editor with SVN, Git, FTP and syntax highlighting. I like project management in my editors so this feature is very helpful too.

For now I’m very happy with Coda and don’t regret the small investment you have to make to get started.

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