I was at a Party

it was a weird one. A Friend of my Woman got diagnosed with Lung Cancer a couple of Weeks ago, her prognoses was that she had 2 Weeks left. A devastating message.

My wife was visiting her a couple of days later, she was dancing at home and found her Peace. Then we visited her “Going Away” Party. It is a weird feeling when you know that when you leave that party it is very likely you never see that person again. The Party itself wasn’t sad more like a normal Birthday Party or some Family & Friend gathering. But there was a long Line and everybody wanted to see her. She mad a sick but happy impression but it still was weird to see her saying good bye.


A couple of days ago she passed away, it was sad but expected. A good friend is gone, we will never see her again (but we will have some Margaritas and remember her ).

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