Goodbye Ubuntu, Hello Fedora

I used [[Ubuntu]] for a couple of years, i liked the fixed Release Schedule, the new Features and the Hardware Compatibility. I think Ubuntu did a lot for bringing the Linux Desktop  OS to the Mainstream Customers.

But now i switched to (back) [[Fedora]]. I always liked Fedora but for some strange Reason it never liked my Hardware. But it works very neat on my new HP Laptop .

Gnome 3 is a pretty neat Desktop. I like Desktops that are not in the way and you can Focus on the Program you use. Gnome 3 really gets out of the way of your work. You have a Top bar but that’s it, the hole rest of the Desktop is for your program and your work. One Difference between Ubuntu and Fedora is the Update Policy. If  Program gets an Update (that is not a security Update) Fedora will deliver that Update, Ubuntu won’t until the next Release.

I like getting new Programs and Features delivered between Major Releases.

Gnome 3 comes with the usual Programs you can or install, that is pretty similar in all major Linux Distributions.

Overall I’m very happy with Gnome 3 and Fedora. It has a small bug in the booting process: it doesn’t turn on the Display Light so i have to Login in the Dark and after that i can use Hardware Keys to adjust the Brightness but Ubuntu had the same Problem so it didn’t get worse there. 😉

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