My new Workhorse

After my Laptop got stolen i had to find a new Workhorse for every Day use. I liked my old 14 inch HP Pavilion, so why not look at the successor.

So here it is. MY new HP Pavilon dm4. It has a DVD Drive now but i’m not sure if i will ever use it ;-).

I  even started the preinstalled Windows 7 once (had to remove all the Crap Software that comes with it), just to shrink the Windows Partition to make some Space for Linux.

Right now i’m running Ubuntu 11.10 which is still just a Beta Release (and you see it on some Edges). It took a while to get all the Software i need, installed. At this occasion i stopped working with [[xampp]] and started to work with the LAMPP Stack that comes with Ubuntu.

But back to the Laptop, the Battery Life is very good for me, you can work more than half a day away from the Cord. It has all standard Ports (USB, HDMI, Cardreader). It also has a Fingerprint Reader which is a funny Gimmick but i don’t think that i will use it  a lot.

The Laptop has a Downside: It’s case feels very good to touch but boy it loves Fingerprints ;-). I don’t really care about it but after one week this Laptop has more fingerprints than the average Crime Scene ;-).

For me it is a very neat Laptop to work with every Day. And finally here are the Pictures:





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