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Thanks to Calvin Gilbert i got an invitation to Googles newest attempt to create a Social Network. After Google Wave and Google Buzz, i think Google+ is a big thing.

The only downside right now is the Limitation of User registration but that should be no problem once Google decides that Google+ is ready for the World. For now only Geeks are on Google+ 😉

Everything else looks very good, very well integrated with other Google Services and beautifull animated. With the limited users it feels a bit like [[Facebook]] for adults. No game and not so many Spam messages, just Status Updates that are actually worth reading.

Of Course when Google starts a Social Network you have consider that Google knows a lot, all your Search History, Mails, Pictures and other Things depending which Google Services you use. But at the End, you decide what you publish and what People know about you. You are the Designer of your Online Profil.

The smart Approach that you have different Friend Circles and you can decide what you post to which group and to make this Feature easy accassable is a huge plus ( small Joke 😉 )

Bottomline: Google+ had a good Start, we will see how it develops. I think for the next years Facebook is safe just because virtually everybody has a Facebook Account but the Example [[Myspace]] shows us that people can move from one to another Social Network really Quick. The Future of Google+ will be interesting.

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