My new Hobby: Brewing my own Beer

It is all my Wifes Fault.


For my 30th Birthday, she gave me a Beer Machine as Present. The Beer Machine is a sealed plastic container (once it is completely assembled) . You just pour Water, the Beer Mix (a dry Powder) in it and the add the Yeast. After 1 night the airlock shows activity and is bubbling like crazy.that is the primary Fermentation, that is done after 3-5 days and then you can move the Beer Machine in the Fridge. Another 10 Days waiting and you can tap your own beer ;-).

That is pretty neat and i brewed Lager and Pilsner already. I tried to brew Wheatbeer in the Beer Machine but after brewing it wasn’t carbonated at all, so i bottles it and waited a little more and i turned out to be great Wheatbeer 😉

I hope i can take it to the next level soon, with a more complex Beer Kit. I want to brew German Wheatbeer and bottle it. But we will se when that will happen.

Here are some Pictures :



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