Bookreview : Daniel Domscheit-Berg “Inside Wikileaks”

I just finished the book “Inside Wikileaks” from [[Daniel Domscheit-Berg]]. And i must say i liked the book very much. It gives a good inside view of [[Wikileaks]]. The author was the spokesman from Wikileaks for a couple of years. He and the Wikileaks Founder [[Julian Assange]] had some differences and Domscheit-Berg left Wikileaks at the End of 2010 and he started his own Whistleblower Platform [[Openleaks]].

Domscheit-Berg describes it very good how it feels to work for an organization that became so famous as Wikileaks. How it is to mess with big organizations like Banks and Governments. You can almost feel the thrill he had publishing secret informations about a bank in Switzerland or about the war in Afghanistan. The author was part of Wikileaks since the early days, he did a lot of work together with the Wikileaks founder Assange. He describes how Wikileaks became famous and how differences with Assange became fights which led to his suspension and his leaving of Wikileaks at the end of 2010.
From his point of view he gives a good impression of Julian Assange, the famous face of Wikileaks. They lived together for some months and spend more time together at conferences or in Iceland.

Bottom line: A must read for anybody interested in the topic of Wikileaks or actual developments around the Whistleblower Platform.

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