Updating Content Management Systems

Yesterday i made an Backup and Update Day.
I’m using 2 different Content Management Systems (CMS) for my Webprojects, [[Wordpress]] and [[Joomla]]. And the Way to Update them is very different.

WordPress made an awesome Development in the last Years, it is really easy to use and to Maintain. It can update itself (and the Plugins and Themes) with a Click on a Button. That is very impressive for a CMS.

To Update Joomla on the other Hand, you need to use a FTP Programm to upload the new Files to the Webspace. That gives the Admin more Control but it is also more Work.

Two Different Approaches to Updating. I would say that the WordPress Solution is more practical and way easier to use. Find the Time to Download the new Joomla Files and upload them to your Webspace isn’t always easy and so it is more likely to miss Updates.

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