You just have to love Linux

I’m using Linux, Ubuntu to be precise, for some years now. I don’t run into Problems very often but when it happens Linux always surprises me with its simple Solutions, if you know the Solution but we will come to that later.

What happened: My Wifi didn’t work out of the sudden, i couldn’t turn it on with the Button on the side of the Laptop or via Software. I tried to click my Way trough all Menus in Linux, it didn’t work. I booted Windows (yes it is still on my Laptop and i boot it once a year or so 😉 ). I clicked my Way to the Menus there with the same Result: No Working Wifi.

Now comes the awesome Linux Community in handy. And the one Truth i learned about Computers in the recent years: You are NEVER the first one who has the Problem, just google your Problem. Said and Done. In a Ubuntu Forum i found the Solutions: 2 simple Terminal Commands and everything worked again.

The Wifi was blocked by some Command (i suspect the Suspend Mode messing with it). With “rfkill list” you can see if the Module is blocked and with “rfkill unblock all” you can unlock it. Done

Thank you Ubuntu Community

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