Google Services

In the last Couple of Days i tried out some [[Google]] Services, besides my Standard E Mail Service GMail.

And i have to say. Google is doing their Homework with their Stuff. I switched from [[Firefox]] to [[Chrome]]. It feels faster for me and just more comfortable. I don’t even miss my Firefox Extensions.

Today i read the [[Wired]] Article about Google Voice as an [[Iphone]] App. I never tried Google Voice until today but i’m really impressed. In 5 Minutes i configured the Account with my own Telephone Number and Forwarding for Calls to my Home Phone.  Easy as Pie.

I love Things that Just work and Google is doing some Services that just work.

Yes there are those Concerns that Google gets to much Information about Me. I’m aware of the Trade Information for Services but for now i have an Advantage without seeing a Disadvantage for me.  That may Change but for now it just works.

BTW: there Should be a Widget in the Contact Section to Call/Text me.

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